Yummy memories part#1


Just the mere thought of food can conjure up long and curly wisps of moments that have been experienced in the past with special someones or the many people who were once a part of our lives or still are. One such moment goes back to the time when I was a kid, and going to a restaurant with family and ordering butter naan and curry used to be a weekend affair, sweetening the ‘day off’ with a tall glass of falooda in the end.

On one such occasion, while we were almost getting done with the eating out ritual, my dad took out his wallet to pay the bill. Observing his actions and still oblivious to the concept of tipping the waiter, I noticed that he paid some extra money. Quickly adding my two cents, the watchful teeny-tiny 5 or 6-year-old that I was, I rebuked my dad for paying extra money, accusing him to be downright careless. The whole family burst into peals of laughter and l have been harrowed by that story ever since.

But that’s how I was introduced to the idea of tipping, by the virtue of sheer curiosity and over the weekly rituals of eating out with family.


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