Ugly’s gonna be the new beautiful!


Table’s turn, direction of the wind changes and the mentality of the herd reverses – it’s a universal rule. Someday cosmetic companies that try so hard to impose the idea of perfect beauty on us, are going to go bankrupt and swim in the barrage of their own fairness and bleaching creams. There will come a time when perfection will be boring and imperfection will be the order of the day. Frizzy hair will be considered cool and straight silky mane will be passé. There will arrive a day when faded clothes will add to your beauty and shiny fabrics will be uninteresting.

Perfectly symmetrical faces will just be okay and asymmetrical faces will be thumbs up worthy. Nicely structured set of teeth will be blah and crooked ones will be hip. Properly painted nails will be dull and chipped nails will be a sign of effortless style.

Okay maybe this sounds more like a rant. But do you have any idea, how much pressure mere lazy mortals like us have to face, who don’t have much of patience to scrub themselves from head to toe and be on a detox diet 24/7. And all this just because people typecast beauty a certain way. And how much ever you try and act unperturbed and not get bothered by the ‘ugly’ label, you know it gnaws you at the back of your head. The question is why does being ugly bother us so much? Why can’t there be a sort of ‘chill factor’ about it? Imagine a big ball – let’s call it ugly, and it’s rolling on a dirty ground for centuries, and all it ends up attracting is murk and dust.

What I am trying to say is that the word has attracted so many negative connotations, that the idea of being ugly is simply depressing. Now imagine a utopian state, where we taught our kids over the years that everyone is pretty and only one’s actions must determine if someone’s a beautiful or a hideous human being, do you think we would have rich cosmetic companies rolling in all that money today.

But we haven’t done any of that. We have distinguished between black and white, between symmetry and asymmetry, between bone structures and body types, and taught everyone around us just how ‘pretty’ one should feel and look. And hence we have ended up in this miserable stage of life where women end up with low self-esteem issues, (and yes, I have seen men getting conscious too, a lot of them are shaping their eye brows these days).

Only if we were taught that we gotta see the pretty in everyone, maybe the word ‘ugly’ wouldn’t exist and maybe we would have invented better shit rather than pore tightening serums and brightening lotions.

I might take some time getting used to the idea of not getting offended by the term ugly, but rest assured I’m trying and I shall get there when being called ugly wouldn’t bother me anymore (That is if someone does call me that ever).

And when someone does, I’ll always be proud to be ugly, super sexy and downright imperfect.





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