Nike Da Da Da Ding ad: What the f@#% are people complaining about?


Like every piece of content, the catchy Da da ding ad is also receiving its fair share of mixed reviews. And for some reason the kind of flak it is receiving sounds downright illogical and absurd. While some are whining about how real women don’t have surfboard abs and the commercial doesn’t do a great job at striking a chord with them, there are also a few who have a problem with Deepika Padukone starring in the video, as they think she’s crudely obliterating the presence of real life female athletes featuring in the ad. And there are also weirdos who have an ax to grind about how the casting team should have had opted for famous sportswomen instead of lesser-known ones.

Well if you ask me, I think the ad is perfect. And a true blue feminist would ideally seek inspiration from this foot-tapping video rather than bashing it left, right and center. Those women have rock hard abs, arms to die for and calves that would make even a Victoria’s Secret model envious because these ladies work hard at their sport – be it Cricket, Hockey or Surfing – keeping fit is a full time job for them. I know a lot of us don’t have the time for a hard core fitness regime, but we all have our dull days when we don’t feel like exercising, and guess what! a video like this only acts as motivation to help us get out of sloth-mode and put on those goddamn running shoes.

And regarding the featuring of lesser-known athletes. I googled them after I heard the agency has opted for real sportswomen instead of actors. Now isn’t that a good thing that we are also getting acquainted with names who are kicking some real ass out there on the field, the ones that are not in the limelight, the ones who are ignored by our beloved media.

Let’s stop complaining people, focus on some real issues rather than raising a ruckus over nothing, and yes, let’s also start da da ding-ing if any of you is really interested in getting a stone hard tummy – I’m interested in getting one for sure…

FYI these are the athletes featured in the ad: Rani Rampal (Hockey), Jyoti Ann Burrett (Football), Joshna Chinappa (Squash), Ishita Malaviya (Surfing), Harmanpreet Kaur (Cricket), Shubhalakshmi Sharma (Cricket), Smriti Mandhana (Cricket).

And here’s a link to the ad:
















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